On the right path

Whew… made it.  Happy Friday!  I really wanted to make sure to get my KK Texture Tuesday and 2B link ups in before the week was out (one of those weekly resolutions I set for myself).  I know, technically, I still have a day left in the week; but when the weekend hits, finding a moment can be an even bigger challenge.

So I hear spring started this week… not in my neighborhood.  It’s still cold, windy, and I even saw a few snowflakes today.  Well, I’m not waiting anymore.

sunny-tulipI love that if I feel it (the warmth). . . if I dream it (the sun). . . I can create it!  I can wiggle my nose too 😉  Of course, a little Kim magic doesn’t hurt either.

The process: A lesson on text & paths from Kim over at 2B this week.
Texture:  KK Sophia.  



10 thoughts on “On the right path

  1. Wonderful, pretty tulip and lovely font art !
    Cold and icy wind here too … I’m so longing for warm and sunny spring days !
    Nice Sunday,

  2. Oh, so very pretty! This is one of my favorite tulips. Well, okay. They’re all favorites. Good job on the font, too … I haven’t tried that yet. You may have been late (like me) but it’s still a dandy and I’m glad I found it!

  3. This is beautifully processed!! Love the colors … and I don’t blame you for not waiting for spring!! Sadly, we aren’t having spring here yet, either … actually, we are under a winter storm watch for this weekend, so the flowers won’t be showing themselves anytime soon! Glad I stopped by to see yours! 🙂

  4. Love the colors going on in this beautiful tulip image! Always love to see the LLL words on photos – lighthearted and spring-like! Nice work! Seen in BB

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