Monitor Madness

A little rant on technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important it is to my photography…my creativity.  But seriously, it seems that I’m spending more and more time on the techno than the creative.  Last week, it was discovered that my monitor had a green color cast, which I really had not noticed until it was pointed out to me by a very knowledgeable source in the optical engineering field.  So then I Googled the issue and sure enough found forums discussing a problem with my calibration software (Spyder3 Pro) and my monitor (a Dell).  Trying to comprehend the issue was a bit beyond me, so I went to yet another knowledgeable source (thanks, dad 🙂 )who paid me and my monitor a house call.  Problem solved – I could see such an improvement and better yet I absorbed a bit more knowledge on monitor calibration and color management.  That was Sunday.  Here it is Wednesday evening, just three days later, and I could just scream.  Let me show you why . . .

I just took this.  The image on the left (the little one) is my uncalibrated monitor and the big one is my “calibrated” monitor (yuck).  Gee, I wish I had thought to take a picture of them on Sunday {sigh}.    I know my monitor is showing some serious signs of aging and  ultimately the solution will be to get a new one.  But, really, now is just not a good time ~  lots of projects and even more ideas and, oh yea, tis the season of giving …not shopping for one’s self.    Options are limited …

Option #1:  Play the Powerball lotto
Option #2:  Dear Santa …


2 thoughts on “Monitor Madness

  1. Win big Maria! Very frustrating…taking a photo you like and then processing it takes a lot of time…then to find out your monitor has funky colors…Sad day!!!

  2. I just had to think of the great F.lux app when I read your article. Maybe you hate it, but I think it’s great: What F.lux does is it changes the color of your monitor according to the day time. For example, the colors get warmer in the evening. The idea behind this app is that it will calm you down when you work at your computer at night, so you don’t mess up with your sleep hormone production by staring at “bright” light in the evening hours. I wrote a short article about F.flux if you are interested:

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