Can’t Sleep

A dog in the face, a flashing little light from a message unanswered, a buzz (guessing coming from hubby’s cell phone but yet to be determined) that would repeat every few minutes just as I started to drift back to sleep.   As I laid there in the dark (waiting for the next buzz), I found myself thinking all sorts of strange things:  What to make for dinner, did I pay the bills, an idea for another blog post … After about a dozen times of trying to fall back to sleep, I gave up and got up.    Yay! I actually remembered the blog post, but this is not it.  Nope, that one will take a little more doing.

No, this one is just me making a notation that I am a few months behind on my Beyond Layers. I decided as I was waiting (am waiting) for the sun to come up to do a little catching up on my reading.  I only got as far as Memorial Day.   But boy, oh boy what a way to start the day with words such as …

“thoughts become things…..  moving and powerful… ”  Or how about this… “Everything is progress!!”  and I love this ….

you are confined only by the walls you build yourselfAwesome Art by Andrew Murphy. Shared by Kim Klassen and re-shared here.

Can’t Sleep?   I am a big fan of those early morning hours …


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