Give me a minute . . . I’m thinking

You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

 ~ Wayne Gretzky

Won’t my husband, son, & daughter be so pleased I quoted a hockey player.  But, hey, when it fits . . . it just fits.

This quote came up when I did a search on overthinking.  Yup, I was so overthinking my overthinking that I googled it.  Seriously, this is something I have been doing way too much of lately and it has thrown me way off course.  And in some cases (like the quote says) I have completely missed the shot.  I have started and deleted three blog posts this week.  Why?  Because I’d start to over think them.  Wondering who was going to read them; what they would think; why would anybody want to read them, etc, etc.  I over thought my posts so much that I’d completely lose my train of thought and {delete}.  And then today, after reading a couple inspiring blog posts, I realized that first and foremost I created this blog for me and to share . . . whatever.   And if people stop by and decide to read it, great! And if not,  that’s okay too (but of course deep down I hope everyone does 😉 ).

. . . and so this is the shot I took today.

One thought on “Give me a minute . . . I’m thinking

  1. Paralysis by analysis….sooooo been there, done that myself :). I overcame that by realizing that my blog is for me. It’s the place where I can go and just do what I want to do. Every other aspect of my life I feel as if I take a back seat to others, and I do it willingly because I am a mom…(I am woman, hear me roar, haha). I do not have a stock pile of blog posts just waiting to hit “post”. I don’t even plan out any sort of schedule of what I want to blog about (maybe not a great approach, but it’s mine). I write them as I go. Wherever the mood takes me. I don’t like all my posts. I always think after that fact of what I SHOULD have written. But then I”ll just hit that idea another time. Took me a while to reach this thought process, but I’m glad I did. I try not to stress about my blog. Too many other things to stress about in life. I’m sure whatever you post will be perfect, because it is what YOU want to post :). Plus, you dont’ want to be Wayne Gretzky anyway..he has no teeth 🙂


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