Femmes Fotographers Debut

A few months back, six talented and creative woman photographers got together and brainstormed on how we could showcase and sell our photography in a very competitive market and most importantly have fun . . . and so Femmes Fotographers was created.

Ann, Linda, Maria, Maggie, and Sue Ann (missing from photo is Sharon)

We debuted at Paxson Hill Arts Festival on 9/3/11 and followed that up on Sunday, 9/11/11, at the Dublin Arts Festival.  The next event is the Doylestown Arts Festival on 9/17 & 9/18.  And although we will all be there separately under the banner of the Doylestown Photography Club, we still think of it as our third event of the season.

The weather forecast for this Sat/Sun is PERFECT to stroll around the D’Town Arts Fest.  The Doylestown Photography Club’s has two booths:  One is located on Main Street (south of State St) and the other on State Street (west of Main St).   Hope you can stop by!

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