Baby it’s hot outside . . .

I know, I know the lyrics actually go something like “baby it’s cold outside” but when you celebrate Christmas in July . . . well a-whoop-de-do and hickory dock . . .

Christmas jingles like that were being sung last weekend at the Dreyer’s Christmas in July.  Our scheduled family event way back in December was cancelled due to inclement weather and, well, this was the first time everyone could get together since then.  And it is very important that we all be there because nobody wants to miss out on the Chinese auction, white elephant, or whatever you want to call it.  This year was no exception . . . some of the hot items included a do-rag and an itty-bitty stool.   A very fun day with the family and the best part of all, instead of waiting 12 months for the next one, now we only have to wait 6 . . . weather permitting.

More photos here:

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