Open for Business!

The weather cleared this weekend and I was finally able to do a practice setup and breakdown of my photography booth.  The goal:  To see if I could do it all by myself. Goal accomplished!   Granted, I didn’t set any speed records on the time it took me to set up and there were more than one duh moments setting up the tent, but I  pulled it off.   What do you think?

I think it could use a little tweaking here and there;  a little more color maybe,  a real art bin,  something on the side walls.  But, all in all, I think I am ready to open for business.   Hope to see you at the art festivals.   Oh, and for you out of  towner’s here’s my card . . .

One thought on “Open for Business!

  1. Your tent looks great! Job well done! I’m not sure if you thought about hanging a sign with your name, etc. or if it’s in the works, but that would look great. Again, nicely done!

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