Spring has Arrived!

Finally . . . I was beginning to think spring would never get here.  I kicked it off with Sakura Sunday when I took a photography field trip with 7 women from the photoclub to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia on April 10.  It was everything a photographer hopes for:  Perfect natural light, color everywhere, and of course cherry blossoms on the trees.  The entertainment provided amazing photo ops.  The Tamagawa Taiko Drum & Dance group and 10tecomai  were so energetic & colorful & talented; Salme and I quote: “Charming contemporary geisha girls from Tokyo” were pure fun to watch and listen to and an added attraction was the Harajuku Fashion Show fashion show presented by local area students.    And for our furry four-legged friends, there was the Prettiest in Pink dog show.


And if all of that were not enough, there was the crowd. The littlest of children to older adults, Japanese or not, some dressed in traditional Japanese attire and some not so traditional, apparently from the world of Japanese anime.  I had to Google this one.  If you are curious, you can learn more about it here http://dreamsofjapan.com/archives/tag/japanese.  Anyway, these kids (and some not-so-kids) made for some of the most interesting shots of the day.


During the week I do have a day job . . .  but not much to write about there, other than I did have a job interview.  Which brings me up to this past weekend.  I was asked to assist a fellow DPC member and photographer with a Baby Naming event.  Google to the rescue again.  I had no idea what a Baby Naming was.  Since photos weren’t allowed to be taken at the Synagogue, all the pictures were being taken at the Inn where the family was having a celebratory brunch.  The weather forecast was for a total rain out, so this was strictly going to be an inside shoot.  We did a preliminary run through on Friday.  To be honest, after our run through on Friday, I was kind of wondering if there would really be anything for me to do at all – other than calm Wendy’s nerves.   I discovered Saturday that there was plenty for me to do.  Getting people to stop what they are doing, getting them lined up for the photo, making sure hands are out of faces (kids love to do this), eyes are open, everyone is smiling, etc . . . is exhausting.  Don’t get me wrong this was a great group of people, cooperative, fun & helpful and this event gave me real feel for working at the event and not just being a “casual photographer.”   And purely from a photographer point of view, I was a bit (okay more than a bit) envious at times that I was not the one behind the camera.  But!!! it was another great experience to add to my knowledge base for when I am.

So what’s up for the rest of the spring of 2011?  I am kicking off my photography booth at Rice’s Market in Buckingham this May where I will be selling my signature note cards, prints, and offering retouching, portrait and event services.  I also have a couple of juried exhibits to get ready for — nerve-wracking — you just can’t predict what the jury will decide.  My college course is wrapping up with two hefty assignments . . .  hopefully, Tommy will find some time to help his mom out.  And I am assisting Wendy again in early May; this time a Wedding!  Ahhh, don’t you just love spring.

One thought on “Spring has Arrived!

  1. Great post about the Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival. I went to DC’s Cherry Blossom Street Festival a couple weekends ago and saw similar sites. The Taiko drummers are downright amazing with their precision. Thanks for your post. Good luck with your photography booth!

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