An Evening of Guitar

I got an email from my friend, Maggie, midday on Friday, April 1, asking me if I wanted to shoot a radio station fundraiser with her that started at 7:30 p.m.  A little short notice . . . but what the heck.  I had a lot going on and kind of forgot to check my camera equipment until later in the afternoon.  Uh-oh, I quickly ran upstairs to check my batteries.  I had a fresh pack for my flash, but my camera batteries (both of them, of course) needed charging. . . I just hoped they’d be charged enough by 6.   So off we went to shoot An Evening of Guitar at WDVR with Tim Farrell, Muriel Anderson, and Richard Smith and Julie Adams.  Let me just say I am not an in-your-face kind of photographer.  Quite the contrary, my personality leads me to tend to blend in to the crowd which has been known to work against me as a photographer.    The  first few photos I took definitely reflected that blending in attitude.  I was in the background, trying not to be annoying and, well, the photos look just like that . . . nothing  popped out and said here I am look at me.   So I put on my best Professional Photographer face and headed to the front.  I shot from all angles and sides, I watched and waited, and I clicked away . . . and the next thing I knew my photos started to pop and say, hey, look at me (at least to me, anyway).  It doesn’t take me as long to get out from the shadows and get into the thick of it.  The goal now is to never step into the shadows in the first place.

Now, about the concert.   As you continue reading, keep in mind I have never written a concert/music review.   I just know what I like and what I don’t.  And I loved this!  Three acoustic guitarists and a cellist who are all very successful in what they do.  Just Google them — you’ll see.  The music they played was . . . well, it was beautiful, touching, uplifting and pure fun.  This was the challenge to capture with the camera.  Each musician produced such beautiful melodies on his or her guitar or cello that filled the little church, which by the way was a great place for this concert . . . intimate and welcoming and great acoustics.    As they played, I found myself studying their fingers and faces through my lens and getting swept up in the music they produced.  I am sure I missed a few shots as I kind of forgot why I was there and just sat back to listen.  Photography does present me with opportunities I may not otherwise get.  But more importantly, every time I shoot whether it be an event like this or a flower arrangement,  it heightens ALL my senses.  There is so much more to being a photographer than just seeing.


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