Spring is here . . .

. . . although you would not know it by looking outside this morning.   It’s a very gray day and there is a dusting of snow on the ground. 

I found myself in need of a serious dose of color over the past few weeks.  All the grays and browns of winter were beginning to take their toll, so my friend, Maggie, and I headed to Longwood Gardens.  Even though it was still pretty gray and brown on the outside, the air was not quite as chilly, there were some small signs of spring around (tulips just starting to pop out of the ground, crocuses popping up in the grass, and some trees had some buds) and the colors inside were just what the doctor ordered. 

And of course with spring comes the spring cleaning.  I am once again trying to organize my photos and workflow.   Digital is great; you can take/make thousands of photos, but keeping those thousands of photos organized is quite a challenge.  For example: I work on a photo in Lightroom, open it for edit in CS4, and because if I want to re-edit with the layers, I save a copy in a file PS for my PSD files. I then resize and save another copy for web . . . that’s a lot files.  Somehow, I think there has to be a better way.   Is there a better way?

I am also in the process of moving my website.  I am currently working through a trial of Zenfolio and so far I am pretty happy with it.  I hope to have it all organized and ready to launch by the end of the month. 

Happy Spring Everyone!

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