Maybe there is a little graphic artist in me after all

I got my grade back on my montage assignment, but that’s besides the point. It’s the instructor’s comments that I liked, “Your montage is cool! I especially like the colors The effects are awesome. You have met and exceeded all of the assignment expectations.”  Things have really started clicking for me with Photoshop and even in Lightroom.  Yay, me, I finally figured out how to go from Lightroom to Photoshop and back to Lightroom minus the export/import.  Some of you reading this can stop chuckling now, all that matters is that I figured it out.    Anyway, I also discovered Flypaper Textures and have been experimenting with all sorts of textures, edges, blending modes, etc.  Now I am not saying that every photo needs manipulation and I definitely think there are some techniques that are overused/misused, but sometimes that little extra-something takes a really good photograph and turns it into something special . . .  a style maybe . . . at least that is my hope.    Hopefully, I will have some photos with this new style of mine to share in the next few days.  Lately, I have had some unexpected downtime in my “day job” and was taking advantage of it.  But of course, just as I was getting into the photography side of things, it looks like work has picked up (at least for this week) — but in the end that is a good thing.


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