I’m not a graphic artist/designer . . . I am a photographer

. . . that is the thought that has consistently run through my mind as I have worked on this next assignment (which is worth 15 points!).  I have reinvented this assignment three times now and I have probably spent way more time on it that necessary.  The first idea has been completely trashed and now I am left with two very different directions.

The assignment:

A scrapbook montage:  Images that reflect who you are, likes/dislikes, personality, etc (Basically, a montage that says something about me).
Requirements:  Find 5 images, 1 scanned; use photoshop tools, filters, and techniques to manipulate each image; a text layer/title; you must use THREE or more filters and artistic effects in your art.

So I started with the obvious, images that focused on me and my photography. It was rather generic.  Okay, it was boring and was completely scrapped.  So that lead me to Montage (A).  It was time to spice things up.  The underlying thread was something Tom likes to say about my photography which is “just leaves.”  Okay, so I like to shoot leaves, but in my mind they are not “just leaves”, or plants, or flowers, or bugs.  So this became the basis for Montage (A).  More colorful, much more photo manipulation, effects, etc.  But . . . then I read the assignment (for about the 100th time) and the first sentence which reads “reflect who you are, likes and dislikes, or images that reflect your personality.”  Now I have done many digital scrapbook pages in the past.  Should I be doing a traditional scrapbook page?  Ugg.  I started over from scratch. . . again.  So now I have Montage II (B).  More traditional, more informative, and basically me and my life on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.  I have a pretty good idea which one I will submit for the assignment.  But I thought it would be fun to get some responses/reactions.  And who knows, the assignment is not due until the 19th . . . nah, never mind, there won’t be a 4th version.  [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGE]

(A) (B)

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