Post Processing

After a few hours of sorting through a few hundred photos that I took on my trip to Tucson and then another few hours spending on the post processing, I have finally published just over 100 photos to my website.  First up are the event photos.  Sorry to some of you who can’t check them out as they are password protected for family and friends, but here’s a tiny sample:

But not to worry, I still have yet to get to the nature and scenic shots.  The above mountain shot was the backdrop to the event I was shooting.  This was the first event of this scale that I have shot, my niece’s bat mitzvah; three days of events, but I only really photographed the main two.  The biggest challenge was the lighting.  The event took place outdoors from 11-1:00, under an arbor, so there were plenty of shadows and harsh light to deal with.   Then there was the party which was held at the Hotel Congress in historic Tucson.  The challenge here was just the opposite: very low lighting conditions.  All I can say is thank goodness for LIGHTROOM!  It’s fill light and recovery sliders are lifesavers.  Once I get some permissions, I’ll post some before/after.   I’ll also be sure to post updates of any critiques I get.

Next up all the nature shots.  I had an encounter with three coyotes as I was driving up that base of that mountain in the picture above!  Needless to say, my thoughts of venturing out on foot were quickly rethought to staying close to the car.  And unfortunately, I only got a couple of shots off of the coyotes, first, I had the wide-angle on the camera, then the adrenaline kicked in, and than they were gone.  My brother has always told me stories of the visitors he has had to their house (coyotes, rattle snakes, bobcats) and I could just never imagine . . . but I can now!

Also in the mix, I have started another semester and another class.  My scheduling options were quite limited so this is an online class (the jury is still out on liking the idea of taking a class online).  And although I have a pretty good background when it comes to Photoshop, I am looking forward to tapping into yet another creative element.  I’ll post my assignments . . . after they are handed in of course.

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