Heading west

In a couple of days, I’ll be trading in my snow boots, gloves, and hat for . . . sunny and 70!  I should be getting my gear ready, packing or something (the worldly traveler I am not), but instead I have been posting photos, revamping watermarks and other trivial stuff.  I think part of me is still stuck in that New Year mode; you know where all of a sudden you want to reorganize, out with the old in with the new, etc.

I have done some homework.  I have checked the web for scenic drives and potential photographic destinations in Tucson (yes, I know, it is so unfortunate how this has become quite the hot spot in the U.S.).  I land in the afternoon and am hoping with all my might that I catch a sunset on the way to my destination.  I’ve been there before years ago and the only thing I really remember is being overwhelmed by the desert landscape, the mountains, and endless blue sky.  This time I want to capture all of it and bring it home!

It just occurred to me, why of all things I am working on photos and updating my blog tonight.  I think my “motherly” instincts (or whatever I should call them) are kicking in.  It’s kind of like making sure I make the bed and clean the house before we go on vacation; everything taken care of and up to date . . . or maybe that’s just me.

I hope to find some time to post some photos during my trip, but until then here are a couple more snow shots.

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