Martha strikes again!

The “Martha Stewart” in me that is.  What can I say, some of us have it whether we like it or not.

I’ve been putting together the holiday dinner for the Photo Club.  Today’s assignment:  Getting started on the centerpieces.  Yesterday, me and the dogs hunted for pinecones.  It is apparent that it is not a good year for them or it’s just one of those Murphy’s law kind of things; if you are looking for something, you won’t find it.  I have started by making the pine cones sparkle . . . with ModgePodge and glitter.   I forgot how much ModgePodge smells.  The house has an odd smell about it for hours now.  I know I should open a window, but it is so frigging cold outside.  Next, I’ll add some mini silver christmas balls and sparkling glass-thingy’s I found in the attic, some pine tree greens from the house next door, and a candle for a total cost for this project (9 centerpieces) of less than $10 (thanks to leftovers from previous “Martha” projects).  Beat that Martha 😉

 Thank you, Martha.


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