Working Studio

 Over 4th of July weekend (yes, I know, I am a little behind on my posts), I had an opportunity to check out the studio of Jody Dole.  Wow!  From the work space to the living space to the studio space . . . wow!  And the wall of books floor to ceiling . . .  I could have spent days checking out that library.  And the visit was just as exciting before we ever got in to see the studio and after we left.  The alarm was accidently set off and the police weren’t too happy that we did not stick around for them to show up – so they found us. 

Of course, the first chance I got I checked out his website .  One of the things I strive for in my photography is finding ways to make ordinary objects unordinary.  And from what I have seen, Jody Dole has an obvious talent for this.   As I first walked into the studio I thought this guy really likes to collect things.  Then I realized that those things all have the potential of being used in a photograph and becoming more than a vase on a shelf or a toy on a table.  Yes, I was definitely impressed but mostly inspired.

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