Summer is here!  There have been all sorts of events to celebrate,  A high school graduation, a 25th wedding anniversary and it is only June!


 The gardens are in full bloom and the butterflies should be showing up soon.   Of course, I have been doing my best to capture every moment.  I have started a project of sorts.  everyone’s gardens are in full bloom, filled with roses, daisies, lilies, cone flowers, and petunias (and ones I don’t even know the names of) and the flowers are every color in the rainbow.  But then there are the  “wild” gardens filled with vines, berries, and all sorts of wild flowers.  I am guessing that the people who drive by these “wild” gardens daily just take them  for weeds.  No, these are not weeds.  These are nature’s unkempt flower gardens; filled with a uniqueness and beauty all their own.

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