Bedtime Reading or Surfing?

I like to go to the bookstore and peruse especially when I receive  a 40% off coupon (otherwise, I check out the book in the store and order it on Amazon 😉   I enjoy the smell of the coffee brewing . . . , watching the people meandering, and the overall relaxed atmosphere.    I also like a good book to read before going to bed . . .

My latest self-challenge has been retouching portraits.  Oh sure, I know the basics, how to cover up them zits, whiten teeth, erase wrinkles.  Heck, doesn’t everybody deserve to look their best, especially when posted on the WWW?  But sometimes you need to take it a little bit further to make it more professional; fixing color casts, lighting, shadows (for those of us without access to a studio).  And so my search began for a good book to show me how to do these things on the computer.  If only it were that simple . . . 

I like a good tutorial . . . you know, step by step instructions.  I happen to be one of those who learn by doing.  I also like having something to refer back to weeks later because sometimes that’s how long it might be before I get back to my project, and I will never remember all the steps. 

Back to my search.   As much as I like to peruse the bookstore, I also like to make my trip worthwhile, so my search almost always begins via Google.   I came up with many, many books on Photoshop (and I already have a couple).  They talk about all the things I mentioned but they just don’t get specific enough.  But Google portrait retouching leaving off the word book and BAM!  There are video tutorials, plug-ins, and software galore out there.  I’ve checked out one so far  This page alone has 70! different portrait retouching tips.

So where does this leave me and my 40% off coupon?  Disappointed.  Yes, I found what I was looking for but I am still disappointed it wasn’t in the bookstore.  I am on a computer almost all day; I really don’t want to have to trade in my books on my nightstand for a laptop (besides the laptop just would not fit).  I wish I could say I’m still going to go to the bookstore  and will use that 40% coupon (which expires today); but in these days of watchful spending and tight budgets (and the fact that they don’t discount magazines), I just don’t know.

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