Intro to Photography

So far I am not impressed with my B&W prints especially when I factor in all the time it takes . . . like about 3 extra hours in the dark room one night this week.  Here are three of five prints I made; keep in mind they are photos to meet an assignment.  Can you guess what the assignments are?

Ok, I confess, I did Photoshop these here and there. I just had to and even then there was only so much I could do.  I hand in the originals tomorrow ~ I’m curious to hear what the instructor thinks ~ heck, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Intro to Photography

  1. Hello,

    Last year your site posted about the 2012 ONWARD competition, and I was hoping this year another post could be made for the 2013 ONWARD competition.

    ONWARD is an international photography competition for emerging photographers. Now in its sixth year, the competition seeks to increase the exposure of talented image-makers, create outlets for artists’ work, and present compelling photographs in a cohesive and well-curated exhibition.

    This year’s guest juror is celebrated photographer Mark Steinmetz, who will work in part to decide the grand prize Juror Award winners. Recipients of this award will receive a two-person show at the Project Basho Gallery, a $500 cash prize, and an invitation to present their work at ONWARD Summit ’13 on April 13th, 2013 in Philadelphia.

    This year’s highlights include ONWARD providing standard-size frames for the exhibition, chosen photographers having their winning image included on the new and exclusive Galerie website, one photograph being selected for purchase by the West Collection, and publication in the new ONWARD catalog.

    Deadline for submissions is 2/11/2013.

    More details about this year’s competition can be found at:

    And the guidelines for the competition can also be found at:

    Thanks for your time,


  2. First it is a bit hard to tell since they are scans…That aside they look flat. try opening the aperture a bit and try to bring some more detail out of the blacks. You can also try burning in the blacks in the darkroom to avoid blowing out the snow.

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