The Process

The excitement I was feeling to see what if any interesting pictures I had taken on rolls 1 & 2, quickly turned to complete frustration in the pitch-black film closet.  After receiving instruction and practicing the process numerous times in a well-light classroom with eyes wide-open, it was my turn in the closet 😉  Things were going really well, I got the lid off the film canister, I didn’t cut myself, and as I started the rolling the film onto the reel, I was still feeling pretty confident.  And then . . . just when I thought I was almost done, it all went wrong.  I unwound a little, then felt a snag, then a rip, wound and rewound . . .  Then finally, hoping for the best, I just put the real in the cannister(?), taped it up and never even attempted my second roll.  I explained my adventure in the film closet to the instructor and he took it and re-rolled it for me.  His words, “I have good news and I have bad news.”  I was not feeling very optimistic heading into the next part of the process.

Sorry, that was a little long and drawn out, kind of like the next part in the process; actually applying the chemical process, timing the steps, trying to keep it all in order.  

To my surprise, I actually walked away with a strip of negatives – maybe not all 36 – but it looks like I’ll have some negatives to print next week.  I wish I had some actual photos to share now and I suppose that’s the most frustrating part; all that time (it’s a 4 hour class) and no prints.

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